About Us


Billetpro was formed by a very passionate and experienced Automotive team, with an aim to provide the very best quality and performance products for the automotive industry.

All of our products are vigorously tested, designed and made in Australia to be of the highest standards, with dealers across the globe who are happy to discuss our world class products with you. Billetpro products are found worldwide on some of the world’s fastest and track winning cars.

Our team is extremely proud of Billetpro’s achievements, and we look forward to the exciting future of our brand.

We create custom parts from billet alloy, steel, stainless, titanium and more for all your rotary applications. We specialise in RX-8s and using billet, we’ve created all the adapters required to convert your Renesis to an FD RX-7 13B or 20B Cosmo engines. Browse our shop for our full range of engine braces, water pumps, surge tanks and much more.
What is Billet?
Billet is a block of metal material being steel or aluminium. Billet aluminium (alloy) stats off as a block of alloy and every part we make must be carved from these blocks. We develop new parts through computer modelling and once these measurements are fed into our CNC machine, the cutting tools carve metal from the block to create a perfect and accurate part every time.